NMLA Annual Statistical Report

For 40 consecutive years, the National Marine Lenders Association has compiled the most comprehensive marine finance market study in the United States.

The 2020 NMLA Annual Statistical Report is a 104-page presentation of 2019 year-end marine portfolio statistics reported by participating NMLA members and other key recreational marine lenders. Detailed data is examined for two of the recreational boat finance industry's most important business lines: 1) banks, credit unions, thrifts and private lenders who originate and hold portfolio, and 2) service companies who originate and broker boat loans to banking sources.

The 2020 Annual Statistical Report contains an Executive Summary, an industry economic overview, graphs, charts, tables and highlights. Whether you are an experienced consumer lender, floor plan lender, start-up, industry associate, private investor, or simply looking to strengthen your company‚Äôs strategic business plan, the 2020 Annual Statistical Report is for you!

Topics include:

  • Socio-economic characteristics
  • Average loan sizes
  • Loan terms and duration
  • Credit and underwriting operational practices
  • Down payment requirements
  • Collateral value determinations
  • Lien perfection requirements
  • Loan portfolio performance and comparisons
  • Floor plan operational practices

And much more!

Here is a sample of the 75 data points included in this year's report:

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