USCG Documentation Hull ID Searches

“Delays cause banks to stop funding loans…”

In mid-March, the National Vessel Documentation Center (“NVDC”) notified the American Vessel Documentation Association (“AVDA”) that NVDC would no longer try to respond to requests for Hull Identification Number (“HIN”) searches on a daily basis but rather, would handle them on a “bulk” basis when time allowed. As of the date of this announcement, HIN search requests submitted to NVDC over three weeks ago remain unanswered.

It is obvious that the lending community cannot stop making loans on boats that are large enough to qualify for USCG documentation due the NVDC slow-down, nor should lenders abandon their due diligence procedures. For these reasons, NMLA and AVDA have worked together on an article that outlines a workable solution to what could possibly be a permanent situation.

For your convenience, you can double click the pdf below and read the entire article. This is important information for NMLA’s lenders and members involved in USCG documentation paperwork and we hope you will share this email and the article with others within your company who might be affected by this situation.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read the article and please, don’t hesitate to contact NMLA at or telephone (410) 980-1401 with any questions or comments you might have.

Michael Bryant, President
National Marine Lenders Association