Marine Lending Workshop 2017


Oops! You missed our MARCH, 2017 event.

NMLA's comprehensive two-day program is a “must attend” event for marine finance professionals engaged in direct and indirect lending, loan origination, or portfolio management. Whether you are new to the marine industry or a seasoned professional, a lender, collectors or involved in operations, remarketing or sales, THIS is the program for you!!
Each year the program instructors delve into the uniqueness of marine lending: the impact the economy has on the boating industry, the “how-to-s” of underwriting both small and large marine loans, best collection practices, the art of collateral valuation, remarketing strategies, the differences between a boat insurance policy and a yacht insurance policy, perfecting liens on marine collateral on the local, state and federal level, and so much more. Presentations and panel discussions include:
  • Industry Overview:   Past, Present and Future Trends
  • Marine Insurance:   Protecting the Collateral Investment
  • Collateral Valuation:   Assessing Accurate and Reliable Values
  • Registration and Lien Perfection:   State and Federal Registrations
  • Collateral Remarketing and Liquidation:   How to Minimize Losses
  • Introduction to Credit:   Perspective and Technique of Small Boat Lending
  • Credit Analysis:   Understanding Tax Returns and How To Develop Cash Flow
  • Collection:   Successful Management of Problem Accounts
  • Repossession:   When is the Right Time, What Steps Need to be Taken, and What Laws Apply

Don't miss the next workshop scheduled for 1Q2018!

Please plan to visit  this website often for updates on the Marine Lending Workshop as well as other NMLA events. For additional information, contact NMLA Association Manager, Robin Cottmeyer.

Thank you.

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