NMLA 2016 Annual Report

For the past 35 years, the National Marine Lenders Association has compiled the most comprehensive marine finance market study in the United States, and the current 100+ page NMLA 2016 Annual Report is available NOW! 

This high-quality collection of 2015 year-end statistics from participating NMLA members and other key recreational marine lenders is divided into two sections:

  • Banks, Credit Unions and Private Lenders Those who originate, hold, and service marine loan portfolios
  • Service Companies Those who typically originate then sell their marine loans to banking sources

Survey results include average loan size, terms, borrower demographics, operational practices (e.g., down payments, collateral value determination, surveys, titling and USCG documentation, etc.), portfolio turnovers, comparison of consumer versus boat loan portfolio delinquencies and charge-offs, and finally, inventory financing.  Most statistics are historical with selected categories providing up to fifteen-year perspectives.

NMLA's 2016  Annual Report is available in digital format to both NMLA members as well as non-members interested in the U.S. boat loan market. 


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NMLA Annual Report
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